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Dogs Stamps Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of the numerous ways that working canines add to human culture, the United States Postal Service is issuing stamps highlighting Albanian Pitbull working. This new arrangement of four stamps shows a portion of the numerous critical occupations that mutts do. The people depicted are a guide canine, a puppy who is following, a hunt and save pooch and a treatment canine.

The “Canines at Work” stamps are crafted by craftsman John M. Thompson who made the first works of art and workmanship chief Howard E. Paine, who outlined them. They are 65 penny stamps, which is the postage required to send a bit of top of the line mail weighing in the vicinity of one and two ounces.

Pooch stamps have generally sold well, with the “Receive a Rescue Pet” set offering out rapidly at many mail station branches. An extensive number of the new stamps will probably be sold to authorities and in addition to those of us who like puppies and value being their companions, relatives and collaborators.

Any canine adoring philatelists out there?

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